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roof inspectionA roof inspection is a thorough examination of the exterior of your home’s roof to identify any areas that may need repair. There are many different types of issues that can cause damage, but some common ones include improper ventilation or condensation, water leaks, and premature aging. A professional will come with all the necessary equipment for an accurate assessment including binoculars, a flashlight, chalk lines and measuring tape. They’ll also note anything they find during their inspection on special forms before providing you with a written report outlining what needs to be repaired now or in the future so you can make informed decisions about how best to proceed.

When to Schedule Roof Inspections?

If you have just had a hailstorm or any other significant weather event, you might want to have a thorough roof inspection done. It is mainly done to identify whether the roof has suffered any major damage. However this should not be the only case when you seek a roof inspection. You need to be aware that as winter approaches, you may notice ice dams forming in your gutters due to melting snow running down from your roof onto an attic or wall that doesn’t have a drain pipe installed. As a result of this the roof of your home could also get damaged.

In the case of new roof installation, very cold temperatures could harm it.

Apart from this if any roof damage requires immediate repair, doing it during the cold harsh winters can indeed be treacherous. It might leave you with no other option but to wait for the spring to arrive. However in the mean time the roof damage could only worsen. Certain repairs like treatment of moss and lichen take time. Thus it’s always best to take care of them as soon as you notice.

If your roof is old, then there are chances that it might need a major overhaul or full replacement in winter when they can’t be repaired properly because of the freezing cold and ice dams. The only option left for such homes would be to wait till spring so that, the timing of the roof within time is often the key on various fronts.

Homeowner Inspections vs. Professional Inspections

Roof WarrantyIt is seen that often most homeowners can spot obvious roof problems, such as missing or flapping shingles, without climbing on the roof. But unfortunately certain other types of damage, however, are not as visible to the untrained eye, which is why it’s important to get a professional opinion. If you are similar situation you as a home owner would be left with no other option but to hire the services of a professional roof inspector.

Facts to know about professional roof inspection

Roofs are often inspected during a home inspection, but in certain cases, such as new construction or if the roof is more than 20 years old and not well-maintained homeowners might want to have their roofs inspected by a professional. A qualified expert will be able to spot serious problems that may need immediate attention or seasonal roof inspections, especially if your roof is more than 10 years old, call a reputable roofing contractor to come out and take a look. If you’re going into a roof inspection thinking that your roof has been damaged in some way, you could also consider calling your insurance company. and find out if they might cover the cost of repairs. In such cases your agent would usually arrange for a qualified roof inspector to examine the roof and make a determination.

What to Expect from Professional Roof Inspections

A Professional roof inspector in every likelihood look for leaks, unusual wear and tear, damage caused by windblown debris, organic growth issues, and problems that may have occurred during shingle installation or subsequent repairs. Ultimately they would include the following:

Structural Inspection

A roof inspector would identify any structural or framing damage that could lead to future leaks . To help his cause he would usually check for uneven roof planes and signs of sagging, in addition to examining the condition of the soffit, fascia, and gutter system.

Attic Ventilation: They might also check for adequate air flow through the attic, which is important because stagnant air can cause organic growths like mold and mildew.

Roof RepairMaterial Inspection

The inspector would check for any damage to the shingles, composition roof boards, or metal that could lead to leaks. It would also include the exterior Wall Check: In addition they might inspect around windows and doors for signs of water intrusion (e.g., siding buckling) as well as examine walls where moisture could enter and so on.

Interior Inspection

It is also possible that the inspector would conduct an internal inspection. Here he would check the ceilings, the attic along with the interior walls, water stains and so on. Often they could provide some vital inputs for their roof inspection.

Workmanship Inspection

A thorough inspector will examine your roof for problems in workmanship. It is seen that these could often increase the risks of leaks or other roof damage in the future. Incorrect flashing around roof penetrations could cause major roof damages and need to be inspected and rectified.

Roofing Analysis

Following the professional inspection, you will receive a detailed report about the condition of your roof. It would contain facts about what repairs, if any, are necessary to keep it in good shape. As a home owner it is important that in case repairs are necessary, you must schedule them at the earliest .All these need to be done before the snow flies. With the roof repair done well in time when snow blankets the neighborhood, you can be confident that your roof is in good shape.

Roofing PriceRepair Costs

Last but not the least is the cost of the roof repair required. There are various ranges of costs involved for Roofing systems. The cost of the roof will depend on its size and type of material needed for repairs or replacement. You also need to know that generally a typical homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover property damage caused by bad weather like hail storms, windstorms, ice damming. Thus, in such cases it is best that you arrange for your own funds for the requisite repair.

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