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Roof RepairWorking on your home can be a daunting task. When you have to replace your roof, it’s not just the cost and time that might keep you from getting started. You also need to think about how much work is involved in tearing off the old shingles and putting new ones up!

The good news is that there are many benefits to replacing your roof, including some of which we’ll talk about below. But, first, let’s take a look at the top ten benefits to replacing your roof:

1) Roof replacement will increase property value

There’s a reason why so many homeowners want to replace their roof with something new and fresh – it can boost the value of your property. In addition, a new coat of paint on your walls may do wonders to increase their attractiveness. Still, it will not have as much an effect as if you replace the roofing material instead because people are always looking for properties with newer roofs.

This ensures that there’s no evidence of leaks or damage from storms, which saves more money down the line since this would need less repair work before buying another property. The best thing about this investment is that while it might take some time upfront, it greatly increases the total value over time due to reselling value and the fact that it is healthier for you, your family, and your pets.

Having a new roof installed in your house also improves the house’s aesthetics, which in turn attracts more potential buyers that are willing to pay a higher price.

It’s a known fact that a well-established house generally gets more attention from buyers. So a new roof can be the one thing that you need to get your house into a better market position and make it worth more money!

2) A new roof will provide extra insulation

It’s no secret that installing a new roof will help to improve the insulation of your home. By adding layers between you and the elements, it becomes easier for heat or cool air to stay in your home without escaping outside, too. This is good for saving on utility bills and also helps protect against any potential damage from natural disasters such as hurricanes!

Different types of roofing provide different levels of protection. For example, you’ll find that some materials such as slate and clay tiles are more resistant to different types of damage than others like asphalt or wood shingles!

This is why it’s important to find a contractor who can recommend which type is best for you! It might seem costly initially, but with all these benefits from an upgraded roof, it pays for itself over time because you’ll be saving on utility bills year-round. Plus, if you get more severe weather patterns due to climate change, then investing in better insulation now could save you thousands down the road when damage happens later this century. You need to take care of your roof because it takes care of you!

3) Roof replacement will extend the life expectancy of the house by 10-20 years

roof inspectionThe life expectancy of a house is typically about 30 to 50 years.

Roof replacement will extend that life expectancy from an average of 15-30 more years, up to 20 or 25! More often than not, the entire house needs some major repair after so many decades, but if you keep your roof maintained, then it may be as little as just one room needing repairs.

This is because a new roof essentially helps prevent leaking and water damage, even though they are inevitable over time. A new roof will also increase safety against falling debris because of its protection from weather and UV rays.

This means that your house will be safeguarded against any external impacts of the weather or termite, and your house can go years without needing a renovation!

4) A new roof will save energy costs

Improving insulation is easy with a new roof that provides more ventilation than an old one does. This cuts down on costly heating costs during the winter months. In addition, roofs can increase energy efficiency by providing a sealant barrier against hot and cold temperatures.

A good sealant barrier also helps keep out cold air, so you don’t have to use as much heat at all! Many of us use air conditioners to cool down our homes, but a good roof can help you save on the electricity bill by keeping out extreme temperatures. If you want even greater savings on both heating and cooling bills, then consider replacing your windows too.

You can also reduce energy bills by dissociating yourself from the national grid and using the right roofing material or installing solar panels on it, which are a great investment.

5) New roofs come with warranties for leaks

If your home has been struggling with leaks or any flooding, it’s going to be much less frequent when you have a great quality roof installed. This is because traditional roofs tend to let in rain and other elements that cause damages like mold, mildew, and other problems related to moisture, which are expensive but can be dangerous for those who live there.

In addition to this, lighting fixtures and air conditioners may have problems due to leaking roofs, which means that you need to worry about safety and comfort when spending long periods of time indoors.

6) Save money on heating costs

A new roof can help with this because it will reduce heat loss in winter, which means that you’ll need less heating to keep your home warm!

Also, if your old roof was protecting against UV rays, then replacing it could allow for greater access to natural light during the summer months. And when the sun shines on your property, you’re able to make use of free solar power without having to invest in expensive solar panels or other methods (which are still an excellent option).

The latest technology even allows for roofs that have special eaves and ventilation systems. Hence, they work as thermal insulation while also reducing air conditioning costs by reflecting sunlight into rooms instead of absorbing its warmth. This saves you a lot of money on heating costs in the long run as you do not have to use electricity to heat your home.

At the same time, new shingles or solar panels can reduce energy bills by up to 30%. You could be saving $300 per year just with this one upgrade! A fresh coat of paint will give your house an instant facelift and make it stand out from neighboring homes; this is especially important if you are trying to sell your house.

7) Improves curb appeal

The term curb appeal means the first impression people have of your home when they see it. If you want to sell the property, curb appeal is important as this affects buyer decision-making and can make or break a sale for you.

Replacing an old roof could improve curb appeal by reducing leaks that cause water stains on walls and ceilings in basements – not to mention all the unseen things going wrong underneath the leaky roof!

It’s worth noting here, too, that if you’re renting out space within your house, then replacing a shoddy-looking roof could be enough to convince potential tenants who are skittish about moving into a place with signs of disrepair (which may also come along with higher monthly rental rates).

And finally, let’s talk about the cost of the house. If the roof is old or has recently sprung a leak, then your real estate agent can’t set an accurate price for it. A new roof costs less than you think!

8) Replacing an old roof gives your house a new look!

your homeDo you see breathtakingly beautiful houses in movies and wish you could have one? Replacing your roof can give your house a new look and make it seem more modern.

In some cases, you might even be able to get a home equity line of credit or take out an interest-free loan if the value has gone up due to the improvements.

It may sound like a simple thing to replace an old roof, but it can change the entire appearance of your house. You’ll be able to give that dated attic flooring or outdated kitchen some serious style with just one updated feature!

If all these benefits don’t convince you that replacing an old roof is worth the cost, then know this: roofs are meant to last!

Replacement costs for newer roofs will likely not go higher than $25 per square feet, but the chances are good that older shingles cost closer to $50 per square ft., so in reality, what you’re paying now may actually save money over time!

8) Replacing a dilapidated roof improves the safety of your house

A dilapidated roof with multiple cracks and wear-offs signifies that you need to get it replaced as soon as possible. By not getting your roof replaced, you are basically waiting for death to come to visit you on your doorstep. It doesn’t take long for an old roof to collapse and for the results to be catastrophic.

The situation may even be worse for you if you live in areas where harsh weather conditions prevail. You never know when a storm will knock down your roof on your heads, causing severe injuries or, worse, death! This is reason enough to find a good roofing contractor and get your roof replaced. A new roof will stand its guard against tough winds and heavy rain, and it’ll mean you no longer have to worry about debris falling.

Replacement costs are quite affordable and can help you keep your house safe from any potential damages for a long time!

9) New roofs have better technology

family home in suburbIt’s no question that a roof that was put on in the 1900s is far more outdated than newer roofs with advanced technology. New roofs have better technology, like being built with durable metal, and they come in different colors to match the style of your home.

Roofs have come a long way. In the 1800s, roofs were made of wood shingles, and now they can be made out of metal, clay tiles, or green roofing. In this time period, houses were also not as well insulated, so you could get your fingers to feel cold air coming from the ceiling during winter, which is an issue that has been improved with newer methods.

The old-fashioned styles are far more outdated in comparison, and it comes down to whether there will be any major changes for these types or if their relevance will eventually fade away into history.

10) Improves the overall health of your house

Old roofings can give rise to mold and mildew that can cause many health hazards in your house. Furthermore, dust particles that enter your house due to these materials can cause allergies and other respiratory issues. This is especially bad if you have any patients in your house suffering from respiratory issues like asthma.

By replacing your roof, you will improve the air quality in your house for a healthier dwelling environment. In addition, the new roof will not let water enter the house, which will eliminate mildew growth, giving you a healthier environment to be in.

All in all, roof replacement gives you peace of mind knowing it’s done right!

Once you get your old roof replaced by a new one, you can rest stress-free knowing that it has been done right. It can also give you a sense of security, knowing that your house is protected and free from any damage or leaks. A roof replacement will help to make sure the rest of the building remains in good condition for years into the future too, which means there’s less hassle down the line.

Replacing your roof can cost anywhere between $4000-$20000, depending on what style you want! It may seem like a lot at first but think about the long run. Replacing an old roof can lead to more energy efficiency, better warranties, and fewer worries about the future of your home.

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