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If you are in the Muskogee area and need roof repair, American Central is here to make sure you get the job done, and done right. Since 2009 we have been helping residents and businesses fix roof leaks, replace roofs, and repair specific problems related to all types of roofs! Call us today for a FREE roof inspection and our team will get you back on track. 

American Central Corp professionals are among the most experienced and knowledgeable around when it comes to Muskogee roofing services. From helping you work your way through an insurance claim to choosing the right shingles or roofing materials for you. We can help you get the service you need when you need it. Protect your investment with a new roof from the experts at American Central Corp.

Are you looking for an Architectural shingle roof? How about a modern metal roof for a fresh design and curb appeal? It doesn’t matter if it is residential or commercial, American Central gets it done.?

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When hail or wind storms damage your roof, call American Central Corp General Contractors. We offer FREE roof inspections and cost estimates, and will work with your insurance company. As a general contractor, we also offer services such as window replacement, siding, remodeling, and room additions.

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Residential and Commercial Construction

As your general contractor, we?ll evaluate, assemble and lead a team of construction professionals to meet your project?s unique needs. Our owner, project managers, and subcontractors work closely with you to balance even the most complex design plans, schedules and budgets.

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Voted the Best Muskogee Roofing Contractor Since 2009

American Central Roofing And Construction is proud to have been voted the best Muskogee roofing contractor since 2009. Our experts have decades of service in the roofing industry and are happy to help you. Whether you need a full roof replacement, roof repair, siding or guttering work, American Central is here for you. Call our professional Muskogee roofing contractors today to get a quote on your roof. Residential or commercial, there is no job that we can not handle. Come see why so many people give us a 5 star rating for roofing service.

What Clients Are Saying

Roof Replacement / Off-colored Shingles

The installation was very professional. Joe noticed upon installation that the shingles had color variances, He quickly took care of the problem without any extra cost and replaced the roof twice when the roof did not meet his satisfaction. I greatly appreciate his dedication to my house, and would not hesitate to use him again.

Frank Robertson

Roof, Guttering, and Painting

Joe and American Central Roofing replaced our roof after a hail storm. They also helped up in replacing our damaged guttering. We opted to upgrade the roofing felt, downspouts on our guttering and re-paint the house at the same time. Joe did a wonderful job coordinating all the work and making sure everything was completed on time. I was extremely pleased with the quality of work.

Nancy Youngs

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Learn More About Roof Repair in Muskogee

When is the right time to hire a roofing contractor? This can be difficult to answer because there are so many variables that come into play. Do you have damage to your home’s roof that needs immediate attention? Is your current roof leaking, or just old and outdated? If so, then it may be time for a new roof. However, if it is only a small leak and the shingles on your current roof are still in good condition, then you might not need to replace the entire thing. Let’s discuss some things to consider when deciding whether or not hiring a contractor is necessary.

Is hiring a roofing contractor really necessary?

In this era of YouTube, where the solution to every problem is just a few clicks away, it can be tempting to try and fix your roof on your own. However, this is not always the best idea.

A home’s roofing system is an integral part of its exterior protection against outside elements such as wind, rain, hail, tree sap droppings, and animals like squirrels who may decide to take up residence in your attic. Therefore it is highly recommended that any roofing repair or replacement be left to the professionals.

A professional contractor will have access to materials and equipment which you may not possess; they are also trained in how to properly weatherproof your home’s roof and other exterior areas, which may be a challenge for an individual without experience.

Signs you may need to hire a professional:

Homeowners might need the services of a roofing contractor if they have noticed any of the following warning signs:

  1. Roof Leaks & Damages: A roof with a leakage problem is a clear sign that something is wrong. Leaks can result from problems in the roofing materials, flashing, gutters and downspouts, or improper installation. Stains are a major indicator of roof leaks. Pay attention to signs of damage, such as missing shingles or broken pieces on the ground, as well as they are clear signs of damage it’s time to call a contractor as leaving them untreated can result in more serious damage.
  2. Problems Due To Roof Age: The age of one’s home plays into whether or not they should hire a professional as well. Older roofs require more attention than newer ones because shingles typically last only about 15 years before needing replacing while flashing components have lasted 30 years on average when installed correctly by professionals from beginning to end. Contacting a qualified contractor sooner rather than later will help you to replace the aged roof before there are any serious problems that will cost more to fix.
  3. Exposed To Harsh Weather: If your roof is showing signs of fading and discoloration, it’s likely been exposed to harsh weather conditions. This can be a problem if the underlying materials are not properly protected with tar or asphalt; water may get through cracks in the surface and cause damage below. If you notice this condition, contact a contractor for an inspection and see if there is a need for repair or replacement.
  4. Routine Roof Inspections: A professional inspection every few years can also help identify any problems with your roof before they become serious or costly. A licensed contractor who specializes in roofs should do an assessment during this time period; find one who specializes in inspecting roofs present on your property.They typically have extensive experience working with these types of structures and their knowledge will save money down the road by identifying issues early so they don’t escalate into major ones later on.
  5. Buckling & Curling Of Shingles: Shingles are designed with longevity in mind but they’re not perfect – age, improper installation methods, even winter weather conditions like snow or ice can cause them to buckle and curl up over time so you’ll want to replace them before this happens again!A professional inspection will give you insight into what’s causing your roof to suffer from buckling & curling problems so it doesn’t happen again down the road and a roofing contractor will replace or repair the shingles if necessary.
  6. Installing or Repair Insulations: Insulation is important to help maintain an even temperature in the home without spending too much on your energy bills. If you don’t have insulation underneath, it’s likely a good idea to add it and if you already have one, it may be due for a replacement. A roofing contractor will help you find the best type of insulation for your home and install it properly. Schedule an appointment with one that is licensed and insured to help you with this.

When should you hire a roofer for repair or replacements?

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The correct time for hiring a roofing contractor for any sort of work is subjective and depends on the severity of the damage. One good indication that you need a roofing contractor is if your home needs new shingles have water or other types of leaks, cracks in the exterior walls, and will be experiencing extreme weather soon and the best time would be when you can plan it well.

However, the most suitable time would be when your residence location doesn’t experience bad or extreme weather. This allows getting the roofing contractor to work on a new shingle installation or repair your current one or any other work with perfection.

In terms of weather, summers are hot and if you are experienced snowfall, winters are cold, it is not the best time to get a roofing contractor for any type of work making spring the best time of the year to get the help of a roofing contractor.

Tips For Hiring A Roofing Contractor:

  • Find a contractor like American Central that specializes in your needs, because they’ll be able to provide the best service. For example, if you need shingle replacement or roofing repair professionals who specialize only in those things and not anything else. They have more experience with these specific jobs than general contractors will so it’s better for them to handle this task on their own without having another company do half of the work for them!
  • In order to hire the best company for your needs, you need to do a bit of research. Don’t just settle with any old business that comes up in search results–instead, compare different companies and find someone qualified by conducting an interview or doing some networking so you can be sure to hire the best roofing contractor.
  • It’s important to find a roofing company that is local to Muskogee. Spending your hard-earned money on an out-of-town business might not be the best decision because it can be difficult, or impossible, for them to respond as quickly when you need help with something like if there’s been damage done during repairs. Plus they have built up trust in their communities over time–so you know your roof will get fixed right with these guys!
  • Choose a company like American Central that offers free quotes because the more quotes you get, the better chance that you’re going to find a company with prices that are within your budget.
  • A lot of roofing companies advertise on TV and in newspapers because they know it’s effective marketing–but you should always sit down with someone face-to-face and talk about your project. On the other hand, if you only use these kinds of ads as your source for information, then you will be hiring the wrong company every time.
  • Get references and talk to people who have used the roofing contractor before you decide that they’re worth hiring yourself! And don’t just go off of what someone says about them–call around and ask a lot of questions so that you know for sure if this is really going to be your best option or not.
  • Roof repair and replacement is a very risk-heavy business, so it’s vital that you find someone who does good work and has a reputation for making sure everything is done right the first time. Also, it’s important to know that any company you hire for the job should be insured and provide workers compensation, so in case anything does happen, they’re responsible for paying up!
  • Look at more than just price when it comes to hiring your roofing contractor–you need to take into account how long they’ve been in business and what their level of expertise is before you make any decisions on which company will get this job! Don’t be suckered by low prices because then chances are they’re going to cut corners somewhere or won’t provide quality service.
  • Everybody owns a phone with built-in cameras these days, so take a few pictures of the roofing problem and post them online to get feedback. If you find that your issue is minor, then it will be easy for any contractor worth their salt to repair with minimal fuss.
  • Ask for past work proof of the company you are thinking of hiring. A list of satisfied customers is always a good sign, but be sure to check for reviews that might say otherwise as well in order to make an informed decision about who your roofing contractor will be! Picture proof is worth a thousand words, and you do not want to end up with shoddy workmanship.
  • If you’re looking at repairs, ask if they offer warranties on work done and what their refund policy is like.

Ready to Hire?

Now you have all the information you need to make a good decision about whether or not your roofing contractor is worth hiring and when is the right time to do that. It’s understandable that finding the right one can be difficult, but this list should help guide you in making an informed and smart choice for who will work on your home and when. Don’t forget to ask plenty of questions before hiring a contractor! This will help you feel more confident about the person or company working on your home’s roof and provide you with peace of mind that they are doing quality work, should any issues arise post-installation.

Obviously, we would love the chance to win your business, hopefully, this guide has helped you understand the right questions to ask and how to approach hiring a roofer. We pride ourselves on being the best and we are the only roofing company in Muskogee that has a foreman on every single job, this ensures we the job one right, the first time, so you can rest assured your new roof will be there for decades to come.  Schedule your FREE roof inspection today!


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