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Residential Roofing and Repair

Keep the rain outside where it belongs

If you are tired of listening to the erratic symphony of dripping water hitting the strategically placed pots and pans around your home? If so, give American Central Roofing and Construction General Contractors a call. Our professionals in residential roofing and repair are able to reconstruct or replace most roofs, protecting your home from the heaviest downpours.

Ensure your new roof properly insulates your home or business

From flat rubber roofs to sloped shingles or metal, our crew is experienced with all kinds of roofing systems, techniques and materials. Energy Star compliant roofs are available to save you money on your utilities, as well as protective membranes to protect the investment in your building.

Did your roof sustain significant damage during a disaster?

Whether it endured a brutal assault during a hailstorm or incurred significant fire damage, you can depend on us in your hour of need. Everything from roof ventilation to roofing materials is repaired and restored to look and function as well or better than?it did before the unfortunate?catastrophe.

Quality service that is done correctly the first time:

  • Commercial, industrial, and residential service
  • Energy Star certified roofs
  • Experience with many materials, including wood shake, slate, tile, metal, rubber, and shingles
  • Flat, sloped, and pitched roofs
  • New roofs, re-roofs, and repairs
  • Roof membranes including EPDM, PVC, and TPO
  • Storm damage repairs and restorations

Are you concerned about the damage inflicted upon your building by the last storm?

Contact American Central Roofing and Construction General Contractors today at 918-932-8314 to schedule a FREE inspection. 24 hour emergency service is also available.

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Residential Roofing and Repair: Tulsa's Best
Residential Roofing and Repair
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