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Your Insurance Claim
The Step-By-Step Process

American Central is a trusted liaison between you and your insurance company. We are here to represent YOU and relieve the anxiety and stress that comes with dealing with an insurance claim. Because of our building expertise, we have the knowledge and experience to benefit you in your insurance claim.

The steps to a successful claim include:

  1. Once the claim is filed, you will receive a call from an adjuster with a date and time to arrive at your house for inspection. Call us so we can be there to represent you. Please make sure American Central Corp has your claim number so we can speak with your insurance company about your claim.
  2. Once your roof or other property is totaled, the insurance company will provide an estimate. This is called the Scope of Insurance. Call your American Central representative to have him/her pick up a copy the document so we can check the prices and proceed with the process.
  3. If we find that the insurance adjuster has left anything off the estimate, we will contact them directly to supplement the difference.
  4. Once the insurance estimate has been approved by American Central, this is the time to consider any changes (shingle color, paint, etc.) or to discuss any upgrades (shingles, guttering, etc.)
  5. Your American Central representative will provide you with a sample booklet of colors and styles.
  6. If any wood work is necessary on your home’s exterior, please let us know as this is work that needs to be done before anything else begins.
  7. We will start all work from the top, down. For example: Roof, fascia board, paint, gutters, interior paint, etc.
  8. To best prepare for the work, please remove any fragile items from shelves or walls because they could possibly vibrate off and break. We are not responsible for these items.
  9. For the best clean up, we suggest mowing your lawn before work begins to help our magnets pick up any nails out of the grass. Any lawn figurines should be removed from around the house as prevention.
  10. Your insurance company, in most cases, will pay you in two payments. The first will be the “ACV” portion  – the total cost of the job less your deductible and depreciation. The depreciation is what the insurance company calls “hold back money.” They “hold back” your final payment to reduce insurance fraud for those that file a claim but do not use the money to replace their roof.
  11. American Central receives payment as follows:
    1. Before: The first insurance check must be received upon starting the job or half down.
    2. During: After each trade of work (roofing, construction, gutters, painting) is completed, we will receive a check for that line of work.
    3. After: The second check from the insurance company is paid after the job is completed.
  12. We will conduct a final inspection to ensure all work is completed in our “Five Star Rating.”
  13. When American Central is finished with your job, we will fax your insurance company a final invoice. Your insurance company will proceed with the release of your second check.  This could take one to several weeks to receive. It could also include an supplements for differences in product pricing or additional work required. This will be the second check to be paid to American Central.
  14. Note: If any additional work was completed off the insurance estimate (Scope of Insurance) that the insurance company did not pay but you ordered, this will be payable as well by personal check or credit card.

Any questions? Contact us or please at 918-932-8314.