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Insurance – What to Expect

Your Insurance Claim: The Step-By-Step Process

The steps to a successful claim include:

  1. Once claim is filed you will receive call from adjuster with date and time to arrive to your house for inspection. Call us so we can be there to assist with the inspection. Please make sure American Central has your claim number to converse with your insurance regarding your repairs. *Keep in mind, many adjusters do not like meeting with someone who might be partial to you as a client as they don’t want to be held to any accountability. American Central Corp has very good relationships with most insurance carriers but many know we are there not to be friends but to get a job done for “OUR” client only.
  2. If by chance, you have filed a claim in the past which the carrier didn’t honor repair or did and American Central Corp does not have any knowledge of it please let your rep know as this will reflect on how we do our job to take care of your needs the best way when meeting with your carrier. American Central Corp will be 100% transparent to make sure your needs are met but we need your transparency to make this happen.
  3. Once roof etc is totaled, the insurance will provide an estimate. Please call the office to have us pick up a copy or email/fax it so we can check prices and proceed the process.
  4. If insurance has left anything off estimate we will supplement them directly for the difference. In most cases the estimate from your carrier will be received by email, by hand from the adjuster or by mail. Many times your first check will accompany that estimate and this will be the “ACV” or Actual Cash Value check.
  5. Once insurance estimate has been approved by American Central to move forward, American Central Corp(ACC) will provide you with upgrade options, colors, etc. Code items will be supplemented as long as you have ‘Ordinance & Law’ coverage on your policy.
  6. Your ACC rep will provide colors and styles to show you either on sample boards, pictures of other jobs with colors or simply take you to the manufacture website to choose your type & color.
  7. If there is wood work needed on the exterior of home please bring to our attention what you’re intentions might be. This work might need to be done before anything begins. Most of the time if it’s a repair that needs to be completed prior to the roof going on we can assist with that.
  8. We will start all work from the top down. Example: Roof, fascia board, gutters, paint, interior paint, etc.
  9. To best prepare for work we advise you take down any fragile items from shelves or walls in case they vibrate off and break. We are not responsible for these items.
  10. For the best clean up we advise you mow your lawn short to help magnets to pick up nails etc from grass. Any figurines or fragile items should be removed from around house as prevention. If you need our guys’ help please let us know in advance so it can be added to the work order for the crew.
  11. American Central receives payment as follows. The first insurance check upon starting job or half. After each trade of work is completed we will receive payment for that line of work. The job through insurance will be supplemented prior to starting, during and after as items are found & documented.
  12. There will be a final inspection by an American Central Rep at the end of the job to be sure all work has been completed in our ‘Five Star Standard’. On steep roofs pictures may be taken by a drone and examined on a large screen at the office. If any touch ups need to be completed we will contact you of these prior to arriving on your property.
  13. Your insurance company in most cases will pay you in two payments but with supplementing it may actually be in several payments.. The first will be what they call the Actual Cash Value ‘ACV’ portion. This means the total cost of the job minus your deductible and depreciation.

The depreciation is what they call hold back. This will be received when the job is completed as long as you have a Replacement Cost Value “RCV” policy. When we are completed with your job we will automatically send to your insurance carrier the ‘Final Invoice’ and your insurance carrier will then proceed with the release of your next check.”This could take one week to several weeks to receive. This check could also include any supplements for differences in product pricing or add-ons needed. This check will be the final check to be paid to American Central Corp for services. If additional work was completed off the insurance carrier scope this will also be payable as well, such as upgrades & additions.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 918-932-8314 if you have any questions.

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