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Protect your commercial building from water, wind, and other hazards with our reliable & durable roofing services!

We know how important the dependability of your business’s roof is to you. We conduct inspections to detect and repair leaks and offer other specific commercial-roofing services like preventative maintenance programs for all types of properties, including industrial buildings such as factories or warehouses.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us today for an estimate on our quality service options that will be specifically tailored for your needs!

Do you have a commercial building with significant damage to its roofs due to age or neglect? Then it’s definitely time to call in a professional to rectify the problems before the damage gets even worse which can result in mold growth or safety hazards.

If you notice any signs that your commercial building’s roof needs repairs, it is essential to address the issues immediately before they become costly problems for your business.

Contact us today and rest assured that we will ensure lasting performance from your roof with our expert team.

Commercial Roofing vs. Residential Roofing Services

The commercial roofing process is quite different from that of residential roofing.

Residential roofing makes use of asphalt shingles and concrete tiles. Asphalt is the most popular material because of its affordability and ease of installation.

Unlike residential properties that have a limited variety of roofing options, commercial properties have a far broader range of options. Modified bitumen coating, restoration coatings (which provide temporary protection against the weather), single-ply membranes (PVC or TPO), and sprayed polyurethane foam insulation systems are all great options for commercial roofing.

The product can be sprayed directly onto the substrate, followed by fire retardant treatments and tar & gravel application on flat surfaces.

The completion time of a roofing project also depends significantly on material availability as some may not be readily accessible due to high demand during peak times.

Commercial roofing is more labor-intensive, takes longer to complete, and requires additional building materials.

At American Roofing and Construction, we strive to make our commercial roofing process customizable and seamless. Our team works hard on adjusting every solution to fit your needs perfectly!

We offer the following  services:

    •   Commercial Roof Installation
    •  Commercial Roof Maintenance
    •  Commercial Roof Repair
    •  Commercial Roof Replacement
    •  Commercial Roof Sealing

Commercial Roof Installation

commercial roof framingAre you ready to increase the value of your commercial investment by upgrading the roofing system?

If so, you need to be aware that a proper installation plays an important role in the performance and lifespan of a roof. You must install a new roof correctly from the start. If you suspect there may have been issues with an earlier installation attempt but are unsure, then speaking with our professional staff about this will help ensure future success and performance for your building’s roofing system.

The flat commercial roofing system is a standard for many businesses due to the reduced cost of heating and cooling units. Low-slope roofs are often seen in areas where there isn’t much precipitation and are suitable for commercial and residential. However, flat roofs have largely become the standard option for commercial properties.

You need to ensure that you hire a licensed and reputable contractor to install your commercial roofing system. The best way to do this is by finding companies with trained contractors. Our company is the solution with our highly skilled contractors.

All our commercial roofing contractors are extensively trained. We keep them up to date on innovations and tools that ensure the highest quality installations.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance programs can protect a roof system. Even though you may have purchased a warranty with the roof, all manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep warranties intact.

Semi-annual surveys and regularly scheduled maintenance programs can help protect your investment. Our team are experts in identifying potential problems earlier and can provide appropriate solutions and save your money.

We understand that no two clients’ issues are precisely the same. That’s why we offer custom-developed facility maintenance plans to address the client’s unique concerns, issues, and problem areas.

Commercial Roof Repair

Roof of building downtown tulsa okRoof leaks are a growing issue for businesses. If you notice water damage, it is time to hire professionals that can provide prompt repairs and prevent structural problems from arising. A roof leak could cost your business thousands of dollars in wasted product or lost revenue if the problem is not addressed quickly. Hiring knowledgeable contractors with years of experience will keep your building safe!

Whether you’re looking to hire a roofing company or need some information, we can provide the expertise and knowledge that your business needs. We have been providing our commercial clients with prompt services for several years. If you have a damaged, worn-out, or leaking roof, our experienced team will be able to provide prompt commercial roofing services at an affordable price.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Don’t let a roof in need of repair put your commercial building at risk. We provide a full spectrum of roofing services, from leak detection repair to complete restoration and replacement.

You can count on us for reliable and trustworthy construction services to help you determine the best course of action when it comes to replacing your roof!

Commercial Roof Sealing

Enhance the performance of your roof and increase its lifespan with a new coating of roof sealant.

Roof coatings can be sprayed or rolled directly to your existing roof surface, protecting it from leaks. Roof coatings help you to get the most out of your roof, ensuring that it is durable and waterproof. It helps to prevent leaks from damaging other areas around your building or even destroying any interior materials.

When choosing a coating for your commercial property’s roof, we make sure the sealant is reflective so as not to absorb UV rays but rather reflect them to keep energy costs low!


Commercial business owners know it’s a considerable commitment to replace a roof. We can save you money on materials and reduce the timeline for top-quality protection.

The best part is that we ensure quick installation for hassle-free savings that will protect your building longer than you expected! So you don’t have to compromise or settle for less than the best.



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